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Vendor Marketplace

Connect with our growing network of hundreds of customers to find the right job with the best pay.

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  • Search for jobs in your area.
  • Plan the project.
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  • Communicate directly with all supervisors.
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Find Customers and Projects

Connect with our growing network of thousands of customers to find the right projects, at the right costs.

  • Choose which leaders in green energy you’d like your crew to work with.
  • Only work projects best suited to your team’s certifications and skillsets.
  • Our vetting process for reliable, reputable customers is guaranteed.

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Real-time Bidding

Bid against other subcontractors on the SiteWorker network for high-quality projects.

  • Bid for top-paying customers without ever selling your team short.
  • Get paid within 3 businesses days, on time, every time.
  • Access posted projects 24/7, all day, every day.

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Get Hired

Negotiate contract terms with companies while setting project milestones.

  • Flexible milestone invoicing gets our partners paid faster with less capital outlay.
  • Access project-related documents at any time.
  • Save valuable time on submitting credentials, certifications, and licenses.

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Submit Closeout Package

Once your team completes the project, submit your closeout package directly through SiteWorker platform.

  • Guarantee all final payments are made quickly.
  • File all documentation showing what work was done, when it was done, and how it was done, along with any additional invoices for costs or reimbursements.
  • Receive written confirmation of the client company’s satisfaction with your work.

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Get Paid

Your hard work and years of experience deserve fast and convenient compensation.

  • Get paid within 3 businesses days directly through SiteWorker’s platform.
  • All tax documentation and invoices archived in one place.

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Let us handle the rest. SiteWorker organizes insurance, benefits and administrative paperwork in one easy to access platform to save time and energy.
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Connect with our growing network of hundreds of companies and subcontractors to find the right project, at the right cost..