Energizing Subcontractors

Constructing a Better Tomorrow

Before Starting a Project

  • Create a unique profile.
    Let potential companies know exactly who you are, what you’ve done, and what you can do. We want you to shine.
  • Find top-paying companies.
    Accept offers from the leading clean energy companies in your area. SiteWorker vets all companies to guarantee they’re as reputable and reliable as you are. Only take on projects you want.
  • Bid on projects.
    Demand for sustainable energy is currently at an all-time high. Competition is fierce. Outbid your competitors to score a nice contract, but never sell your team short, either.

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Once a Project Starts

  • Communicate directly with supervisors.
    The key to success is excellent communication. Ensure your messages are received by the project’s supervisors, and ensure you receive their messages, too.
  • Submit evidence of your hard work.
    In real-time, any time. Avoid mix-ups, and make sure your team gets compensated for the work you’ve done.
  • Stay organized. All documentation can be sent, stored, and processed through siteWorker.
  • Get notified on important events.
    Always stay in the loop. Never miss a crucial update.
  • Get paid by the milestone.
    Big projects take time, and we understand the importance of getting paid on time, every time, too. Stay on schedule, receive consistent payments, and maintain your client company’s trust by completing critical milestones along the way.

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After a Project Completes

  • Get paid on time.
    SiteWorker handles all payments, ensuring prompt compensation within 3 business days.
  • Build rep with Ratings & Reviews.
    Get bragging rights for a top-notch job well done. Once the project’s finished, the company will Rate & Review your team’s performance. You get to Rate & Review the company’s performance afterward, too.

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Join Our Network
Create a profile with your experience and specialties.
Search Jobs
Find work in your area from the leading companies in clean energy.
Get Hired
Stay in the loop with your project’s real-time notifications.
Send messages to and receive responses directly from supervisors.
Stay Organized
All administrative documentation managed on one platform.
Get Paid
We pay subcontracting crews within 3 business days.

Do The Real Work

SiteWorker connects subcontractors with companies more efficiently on one easy-to-access platform to save time and energy.