How We Work

For Companies

  • SiteWorker matches the best teams to your renewable energy business for any given project.
    We vet top-notch subcontractors and workers for you. All you need to do is sign up, post your project, and get the work done.
  • Use SiteWorker to track a job site’s progress, mark project milestones, tweak schedules, verify safety checks, collect the paperwork, and handle quick payments — all on a single, powerful interface
    Streamlined workforce management means faster project completion times and money saved.

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For Subcontractors

  • SiteWorker matches your crew with recognized companies in green energy.
    We vet top-paying companies for you. All you need to do is sign up, make your picks, and get to work.
  • Use SiteWorker to submit proof of work, send invoices, stay updated on important developments, and receive payments within 3 business days — all on a single, powerful interface.
    We make the project-finding process simple, which means quicker completion times and reduced resources.

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For Workers

  • SiteWorker matches your skills and experience with the leading companies in alternative energy.

    As with subcontractors, SiteWorker handles vetting companies. All you need to do is sign up, apply for a job, and get to work.
  • Use SiteWorker to find jobs in your area, verify a company’s reputation, and get paid on time, every time — all on a single, powerful interface.

    Spending less time finding work means more time to yourself and more money in your pocket.

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After the project is done…

  • Everyone on the project rates one another.
    Companies rate workers, and workers rate companies. Ratings & Reviews help SiteWorker better match companies, subcontractors, and workers for future projects.
    In other words…
  • …Life gets easier the more you work with SiteWorker.

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